How much is my stock worth?

The stock is closely held and not traded on any established market.  The original price in 1958 was $200.00 per share.  In 1986 there was a 10 for 1 stock split making the share price $20.00 per share.  During the 2002, the Board of Directors offered to buy back up to 10 shares per stockholder at a price of $100.00 per share.  The final price you pay or receive is the result of your individual negotiation.

Do you have a meeting I can attend?

Under our bylaws an annual meeting must be held in mid December of each year at the Lake View Country Club.

How do I change my address in your records?

Please contact the LVDC through email at:  info@lvdc.org

– or –

Lake View Development Inc.
P.O. Box 481
North East, PA 16428

How do I transfer my stock to my heirs?

See the Corporate Shares page of this web site.

I lost my certificate; How do I replace it?

See the Corporate Shares page of this web site.